One thing people always seem to think about someone like me who spends their life on the road filming is that you're blessed with catering vans and an army of cooks knocking up delicious grub 24/7. Maybe in Hollywood but unfortunately not in this country!

I've got to admit it, when I'm filming away for long periods all of my foodie pretences are firmly chucked out of the window as I survive on Premier Inn breakfast buffets (if I'm lucky - usually it's room only), Belvita breakfast biscuits (I have gone 2 days straight eating just these things before!) and a variety of plastic wrapped rubbish from overpriced motorway service stations. 

But sometimes, just sometimes the opportunity arises where you have a little bit of time before a shoot where you can plan to eat somewhere that's actually nice. And I grab these opportunities with both hands. 

I found myself booked to start filming from an Eddie Stobart depot in Sherburn one Tuesday in September, and since we arrived on the Monday evening ready for a 5am start - I had already scoped out a new gastro pub in the area that looked promising. My friends, it did not disappoint. 

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