What was I saying about older tulip bulbs not doing me proud? Well I’ve been more than happy with how both old and new bulbs have flowered this year. The older ones, in the main borders, have done just fine and I can see how the bulbs must have been multiplying under there. The stems and flowers have been strong.

Some of the colour has actually been outstanding and I’ve had lots of lovely comments from customers about the tulips.

In the kitchen garden the Morello Cherry is in full flower. This is really exciting - we had enough cherries last year, the tree’s first year in our garden, to make some jam which was used in a Cherry and Almond Tart. The number of flowers this year will hopefully lead to a bounty of cherries. I just can’t wait.

At home the summer broccoli seedlings and radishes have been seriously munched by pigeons. Not happy! I thought it was slugs but then caught a fat pigeon red handed sitting on the seed bed just ripping bits off. Need to construct some sort of protection.

I’ve got tomato seedlings doing well on the kitchen windowsill and the chilli seeds have germinated and we’ve got maybe 15 young seedlings. I’ve also sown some seeds for cut flowers, which I’ll plant out in the bed that currently houses the potatoes, once we’ve dug them up in June.