I’ve decided to grow just one potato this year. The very unromantically named International Kidney is otherwise known as Jersey Royal - when grown in Jersey. So our Milford Royals were planted today. I dug manure into the soil over the winter, and have planted a whole bed of them. They’ve been chitting at home for the past few weeks and had strong green shoots starting to poke through. This just gives them a headstart once they’re in the ground. I added some grass clippings to the trenches I’d dug. I read it somewhere and thought it couldn’t hurt! They look really snug.

Also in the back garden (The Kitchen Garden) the Broad Beans are really showing some promise - loads of flowers forming. We should have these in a dish on the specials board by mid June. 

In other parts of the garden:

The colour succession in the front garden starts now that the Snowdrops and Daffodils have had their day. Although we have foliage all year round which fits the colour scheme the Fritillaries are the first flowers to bloom in the ‘right’ tones. You can see why they’re called ‘Snakeshead’.

The Tulips will follow, and then the Aquilegia, then the Geraniums and the Lupins… hopefully…The Aquilegia is just showing some flower buds now.

It’s not all good news though. The Lavatera which I had three of in the front garden, and which gave huge value for money with loads of pink trumpet flowers late into Autumn, has gone and got rust spots. It’s a spore I think - lives in the soil and is easily spread in damp and windy conditions. I tried just chopping out all the infected bits but a few days later more was showing. So I’ve bitten the bullet and dug them out, bin bagging them and putting them in the general waste, not the compost heap. Because the front garden is all about maintaining a pretty place for people to sit I have to be quite brutal in the choices of keeping and getting rid of plants. At home I might take more time and effort in trying to keep plants and restore their health. Having removed the Lavatera though I’m trying and see it as an opportunity to choose a new plant to fill the gap…