I didn't feel like getting up and cleaning the pub today, but once that chore was over and I got outside my heart and mood immediately lifted. Sunshine. Flowers. The combination is such a winner.

Outside the front door of the pub I've aimed to have welcoming colour all year round and I plan my pots and their rotation with as much precision as the unpredictable weather allows.

The cyclamen have given colour through winter with the hellebores coming to flower in January. Foliage is the back up for colour when I can't rely on flowers to provide it.

And now we have the early crocus colour and the promise of the scented hyacinths. I'm starting to get excited about Spring! 

I have tulips, daffodils and fritillaries waiting in the wings, and they'll be followed by lupins and cammassia, and so on… 

Snowdrops are, of course, the most romantic and gentle of February flowers and who doesn't love to see them poke their way out into the cold? They cheer me up no end. We have them dotted all over the place here: front, back, planted, naturalised. 

I try and provide potted and cut flowers inside too and for the past week we've had narcissus daffodils on the dining tables. The warmth of inside always means they go a bit leggy so today I've harvested the remaining good flowers for vases and will leave the leaves to die back and feed the bulbs, ready for next year. 

Other jobs for today, while it’s warm enough: mulch the front borders to keep the weeds down (I'll be using a mix of bought and home made compost), turn the heaps, harvest some spinach that's successfully over wintered (for the new Black Bream dish) and check the worms are happy.