We've a couple of unused wheelie bins that need putting to use so I'm going to set up a wormery. I had one a few years ago that produced the most potent liquid fertiliser I've ever known. Things shot up, big and strong.

I've to make the worms comfy first with warm bedding and protection from water and frost, but if happy they plough through kitchen waste and produce both the liquid fertiliser and a great compost. 

Keeping worms happy is a pretty weird concept - but I adore the things. Always delighted to see them in the compost heap or when I’m turning the soil. It’s a sign your garden is healthy. They like it damp, warm and away from sunlight. 

I’ve ordered 350g of worms from YorkshireWorms on Ebay. They arrive next week. I can’t wait!


picture from RHS.org.uk

picture from RHS.org.uk


  • I’ve put water a water butt tap at the bottom of the wheelie bin, ready to siphon off the liquid fertilizer, then a layer of gravel to allow drainage and stop the worm’s habitat getting water logged.
  • For comfort and warmth I’ve added a bed of straw and shredded newspaper, ready for the worms’ arrival next week.
  • The kitchen constantly provide peelings and greenery to feed to the worms - they won’t be going hungry, that’s for sure.